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Zimply Z-licious!

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Mandatory equipment!!!  The sneaky & smart (we so admire those qualities!) folks at Clif Bar have taken to making delicious and super-nutritious snacks that mimmick some of the nasty snacks kids seem to love.  FFC recommends adding a box or two of Clif’s Z-Bars to your weekly grocery list to keep players AND coaches happy.  These yummy and oh-so-convenient snacks come in seven deLISHHHHHous flavors including Chocolate Brownie!!!  This is one treat that seems too good to be true- but isn’t!!  There’s no high fructose corn syrup, transfats or anything artificial!  What you WILL find in these little beauties is loads of whole grains, vitamins and LOTS of flavor!  Check out these stats for our favorite Chocolate Brownie variety:

120 calories

3 g fat

3 g fiber

and bunches of extra vitamins to keep your players growing the right way!  Load up and check out their cool website for more healthy ideas on feeding your troops, too!

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