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The Off Season is OVER, people!

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Spring is in the air and everybody’s ready to head outdoors!  Take advantage of the enthusiasm and get your team MOVING!!  Set a family goal for the summer and you’ll all reap the benefits!  Here are a few fun suggestions:

Walk (or Run!) 100 miles- keep a chart of your progress, only dedicated walking or running time counts!

Bike Across Your State! (ours is 260 miles wide)  Not all in one day, of course!  But print out a map of your state and mark off the miles you ride together as a family throughout the summer! Hint; you can find this info easily on the internet through a quick Google search!

Let every team member pick a new veggie to plant & care for!  Discover new recipes to use them in!

Take up geocaching!  I haven’t tried this, but looks like a FUN family ACTIVE-ity!!!

Or, come up with your own fun and active goals!!  Just be sure to share them with the coach ; )! Make sure to establish a healthy reward for achieving your goals, too!



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