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Sweet 16 Season!!

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  1. Never say Die(t)!! This is just an ugly negative word that makes grown-ups and kids feel bad. Do whatever you can to avoid it and you’ll all feel better about the healthy habits you’re adopting!
  2. There is no ‘I’ (or ‘U’!) in TEAM!! Never single out any one player on your team. Eating well and exercising are things EVERYONE can benefit from. Make sure you’re working as a team!
  3. Let team members dish up their own plates. Set your meals out family style on the counter and let kids dish up their own servings. You’ll be amazed at how much more likely they are to eat what they put on their own plate. Encourage them to try at least a little of everything. This nifty little trick is also a great way to control portion size- kids seem to naturally know just how much they need. Just be sure to set the bowls on the counter instead of the table to avoid grazing and picking!
  4. Eating well is just a bowl of cherries (or grapes, or carrots, or cauliflower)! Make sure to set out a bowl of fresh fruit or cut veggies at every meal- and even between meals. They’ll gobble ‘em right up without you having to say a word (and DON’T say a word- we’re being sneaky, here!)
  5. Get in the game & play with your team! You need to get in the game! You set a good example by DOING, not just SAYING! Plus, you’ll all have more fun and be more likely to stick with your plan.
  6. Put in Your Subs! Substitute unsweetened applesauce or pureed fruit for eggs & oil, or ground turkey breast for ground beef…..but PLLLEAZE do not tell anyone!!!! And while you’re at it, make up a really decadent name for your healthier treats. Think ‘SUPER CHOCOLATE BROWNIES’ not ‘REDUCED FAT CARDBOARD CHEWS’, only you have to know that the SUPER stands for Super healthy!!
  7. Eat a Rainbow (and I’m NOT talking Skittles)! Challenge your team to eat as many natural colors as they can in a day. Keep track and reward colorful eating habits.
  8. Go Green & Get Fit! Taking care of the Earth also means taking better care of you! Picking up litter is great exercise and eating locally means fresher, healthier foods with less processing.

  9. Walk, Run or Bike for Charity! Find a fun event that is raising money for a good cause and train for it together. Collecting pledges and raising money will give you a common goal & a reason to stick to your walking plan. Check out to find events in your area.

  10. Laugh at yourself! By all means, try new things and have fun! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or look a little silly. The only way kids will find a lifelong activity they love is by trying them all out. Maybe you’ll even find a new passion for yourself!

  11. Keep your team involved in designing the gameplan! Let all family members take turns planning healthy meals. Makes everyone feel like they have a say in what’s being served and they will be much more likely to eat what’s on the menu.

  12. Revamp your refrigerator! Make sure the healthy snacks are washed, ready to go and stored at eye level so they are the first things your family spots when they open the fridge. Keep sweet treats and snacks in harder to reach and see spots.

  13. QUIETLY use new exercise equipment in front of your kids. When the whole family is parked in front of the TV, walk in with your stability ball or balance disk and start using it. DON’T say a word! Then, when they ask to try it (believe me they will!) reluctantly let them. That should keep them busy for awhile!!

  14. Grow some of your own food, or buy fresh at farm stands. I don’t know what it is about eating foods they’ve grown themselves, but kids love this! If you’re like me and gardeningly-challenged, at least get them to a farm stand or farmer’s market to pick out fresh veggies.

  15. Teach kids about portion size. Matter of factly, point out how many chips or crackers are in a serving size of a snack they’re eating. Keep it neutral, just giving some interesting information here so they know what is considered a reasonable portion size. You won’t believe how much interesting little people find this!

  16. 60 Minutes a Day is the way to play! Kids (and adults!) need to be active at least 60 minutes per day to stay healthy. The main way kids stay active is to play. Make sure your team has plenty of opportunities to get moving each and every day. It may help to keep track on a simple activity log- like the one you can print out at in the gameplans section.


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