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Scary Good ‘Caramel’ Apples!

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Remember when a caramel apple was a regular sized apple covered in a thin layer of caramel on a stick~ and you could actually eat it off the stick?  Those delicious and relatively innocent treats of yesteryear have recently morphed into ginormous apples slathered in inches of caramel which are then rolled in full sized nuts or candies and often drizzled with more chocolate!  They’re usually sliced for eating because not only are they impossible to eat without becoming engulfed in caramel yourself, but they’re also often large enough to feed a small dinner party!  I miss those reasonable caramel-y treats!  So, imagine my delight when my Aunt Patty told me about the wonderful recipe she found on!  This fabulous recipe is not only the perfect treat to serve at Halloween, but also makes an excellent birthday treat for school or party pleaser.  You can see the original recipe by clicking HERE, but we FFC’d it up by using natural peanut butter instead of those plastic-y peanut butter chips and it worked great!! The basic idea is to use a melon baller to creat mini-apples, dip them in the peanut butter and then sprinkle with a few festive jimmies.  Just microwave the peanut butter for a few seconds, and be sure the apple balls are dry before dipping and you will not miss!  These ‘caramel’ apples were a huge hit with adults and kids alike.  Everyone wanted to know where we got those adorable little apples!!
 SNNNNNEAKY~ I love it! 

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