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Perfect, packable snack alert!

Posted by: Tracy  :  in topic: The Grub

Heads up!  We just got the scoop on yet another super-easy and deliciously healthy convenience food!  The team over at Zoe foods just came out with a line of granolas that are out of this world!!!  Flavors like Honey Almond, Cinnamon Raisin and Cranberry Currant are packed with bunches and bunches of all-natural good stuff like flax seed, soy, omega-3s, protein and fiber.  The clincher is even better:  this stuff tastes FAAAABulous!!  Throw some in a small container for a healthy snack at school,  sprinkle some on yogurt or serve it warm for a healthy start to those cool fall mornings.  How about sprinkling a little over some baked apples for a delicious and healthy (Shhhhhh!) dessert?  The possibilities are endless, people!  So go get in the game with some healthy Zoe’s granolas! 

P.S. Check out their super-cool website, too!  This is one with-it company you’ll feel good about supporting!


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