My Food Diary

Our buds at Zoe have been featured on Hungry Girl!

Hey, team!  Check it out…. our friends at Zoe who make the awesome granolas have just been featured on the famous Hungry Girl website with some stunning deals on their delicious and sneakishly delicious granolas!!  CLICK HERE to see what all the buzz is about!  (FYI- Hungry Girl is a pretty darn good site to add to your favorites, too, as she features tons of sneaky substitutions and sawps that rock!!)

Congrats, Zoe friends!  We couldn’t be happier for you- and your award winning granolas!!

Let’s Talk Turkey….

or veggie crumbles or soy!!!  One of my most favorite (and sneakiest!) tricks is to substitute turkey or veggie crumbles for the ground beef in ALL of our team’s favorite recipes.  Its super simple to do, AND the greatest part is that you can EEEEEEEEEEase your team into this drill!  To start, just go halfsies~ that is, replace half of your usual ground beef with LEAN (make sure it’s labeled lean- no more than 15% fat, or you might as well stick with beef) ground turkey.  When no one notices (and for goodness sake, don’t give away the game here!) switch over to substituting the whole caboodle!  After your squad has adjusted to the switch, you may even want to go for gold by working in ground turkey breast, beans or veggie crumbles!!  I’ve even found some absolutely deLISHous frozen turkey meatballs to plop in pasta sauce and turkey pepperoni for home made (and MUCH more fun and healthy!) pizza!  Experiment- you’ll be amazed at how great these healthier alternatives can taste!!  A word of caution: don’t be tempted to reveal your game plan after your first success~ instead wait until your team is completely accustomed to their new favorites before you spill the beans!!

They have Christmas in July so….

why not enjoy a day at the beach in January???  or at least a day pretending  you’re at the beach!  Dig out those bathing suits and head to your local high school, YMCA or indoor water park for some warmth, fun and movement!!  Kids love splashing around in the water, and all those stairs to the popular water slides make for a great workout.  So instead of hunkering down for another night of movies or video-games, warm up the car and head for some wet, wild fun and fitness!  If you’re on a budget (and who isn’t?!) check out the open swim hours at a local high school pool, aquatic center or recreation department.  Most have a few hours every weekend dedicated to family fun and splashing!  Now, go get in the pool!

Break out the Bagels!

Looking for a great pre-practice or after school snack your team will go for but still passes the healthy drill?  The team over at Thomas’ has come up with a fAAABulous solution~ 100 calorie bagels!!  That’s right, team- I said Bagel and 100 calorie in the same sentence!  WOOHOO!  In this age of ridiculously large serving sizes, we are thrilled to see such a reasonable and delicious snack option.  Perfectly packable and totally top-able, these little champions make the first string cut for sensible snack solutions!  Top with light cream cheese, or Skippy Naturals peanut butter for a satisfying and healthy halftime treat! 

Now, go get in the game!

Just in the (St.) NICK of time….

We are so very excited to announce Family Fitness Coach’s 1st EVER annual list of ACTIVE Gifts to Keep Kids Fit!  Make sure you page through to see the full list- and use the handy links to check out your favs!  Buy them here to save yourself the time and stress of battling crowds at the stores…and use that extra time to enjoy some active time with your team!

More active gift ideas….

Earlier this week, we announced our first-EVer Sweet 16 list!  YAY!  Hope you found our active gift suggestions helpful!  We have a few more gft-giving pearls of wisdom we’d like to share with you too…

instead of rushing out to buy the latest fad toy your little rookie is begging for (but will forget about come Superbowl weekend!) why not consider giving one of the following to create some lasting memories and enjoy some quality active time together?  The kids will love having something to look forward to, and you’ll all enjoy the benefits of being active.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

A trip to a local skating rink (roller or ice- indoor or out!)

A day of sledding

Gift Certificates or Season Passes to Ski or Tubing Hills or Ice Rinks

A day of Indoor Swimming at a local Aquatic Center or Hotel

A day of bouncing around at an inflatable playground

Now….go get in the game!


FFC’s Sweet 16 Gifts to Keep Kids Active!

Flagrant Foul!!

OK, I am peeved people!  Just read the following article on MSN about how the food industry bamboozles us into thinking certain snacks are healthy when they’re so NOT! and about how much money is spent convincing our rookies to load up on processed, junky NON-FOOD!!  It’s crazy….click the link below to read the article.  Mad?  don’t play THAT game!  Be a keen label reader and teach your troops to do the same- and no amount of flashy advertising will defeat your winning gameplan!!

Perfect, packable snack alert!

Heads up!  We just got the scoop on yet another super-easy and deliciously healthy convenience food!  The team over at Zoe foods just came out with a line of granolas that are out of this world!!!  Flavors like Honey Almond, Cinnamon Raisin and Cranberry Currant are packed with bunches and bunches of all-natural good stuff like flax seed, soy, omega-3s, protein and fiber.  The clincher is even better:  this stuff tastes FAAAABulous!!  Throw some in a small container for a healthy snack at school,  sprinkle some on yogurt or serve it warm for a healthy start to those cool fall mornings.  How about sprinkling a little over some baked apples for a delicious and healthy (Shhhhhh!) dessert?  The possibilities are endless, people!  So go get in the game with some healthy Zoe’s granolas! 

P.S. Check out their super-cool website, too!  This is one with-it company you’ll feel good about supporting!


Are You Smarter than a 3rd Grader?

Here’s a wonderful idea from of my very cool and tricky friends to get kids excited about trying healthy new foods.  Have your grade schoolers select one new fresh fruit or vegetable they want the whole family to try.  Let them do a little research on the computer to pick a few they’re interested in and then take them to the supermarket to find one of their selections.  (You may want to have 2 or 3 options since not all stores will carry some of the more exotic varieties!)  Let them choose how the new food will be prepared and served, and have everyone try it together at a family meal.  The person who chose it might even like to give the rest of the team a little team briefing on where the food comes from, and how it’s most often enjoyed.  EVERYONE must try at least a little bit, then talk about how you like it- or not!  At least you’re finding a fun way to try new stuff that will keep the team involved!  And sooner or later, you’re sure to find some one or two healthy foods to add to your family’s menu.  Bon Apetit!  (By the way, Thanks for this awesome trick, Chris!)