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Nutty Good Natural Peanut Butter!

Posted by: Tracy  :  in topic: The Grub

OK, so most of us know that the ‘regular’ peanut butter on store shelves is loaded with artificial junk like trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and other flagrant fouls we’d never want to serve our kids.  But, in desperation, most of us serve it to them anyway after trying many soupy, oily and EXPENSIVE natural versions that just don’t fly with the troops!  Well, compromise no more!  Skippy has a natural brand that looks and tastes just like regular peanut butter, requires absolutely no stirring and is sure to fool your finickiest family member.  Better yet, Skippy makes their yummy natural peanut butter in creamy AND super chunk varieties!  You’ll find it right next to the regular Skippy in the peanut butter aisle at your grocery store.  YAY, Skippy!  We think choosey moms should choose YOU! 

Check out these stats:  (per 2 tablespoons) 180 calories, 17g fat, 2g fiber, 7 g protein and only 3g sugar!!!  Skip on down to the grocer and grab some!

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