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More active gift ideas….

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Earlier this week, we announced our first-EVer Sweet 16 list!  YAY!  Hope you found our active gift suggestions helpful!  We have a few more gft-giving pearls of wisdom we’d like to share with you too…

instead of rushing out to buy the latest fad toy your little rookie is begging for (but will forget about come Superbowl weekend!) why not consider giving one of the following to create some lasting memories and enjoy some quality active time together?  The kids will love having something to look forward to, and you’ll all enjoy the benefits of being active.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

A trip to a local skating rink (roller or ice- indoor or out!)

A day of sledding

Gift Certificates or Season Passes to Ski or Tubing Hills or Ice Rinks

A day of Indoor Swimming at a local Aquatic Center or Hotel

A day of bouncing around at an inflatable playground

Now….go get in the game!


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