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Make it a Date!

Posted by: Tracy  :  in topic: On the Field

If you’re looking for ways to keep your favorite team active during the upcoming winter months, why not set a family activity night (or day- I don’t carjust keep movng!)?  You could make it the same activity every week such as a Saturday morning walk, or make it a more general date and switch to a new activity each week.  Get your team involved by taking turns selecting the activity for the week.  For example, you could designate Sunday afternoon as ‘Fun Family Active Time’ and let a different family member select what ACTIVE-ity you’ll do together each week.  The first week, your son chooses a trip to dog park.  The next week, your daughter chooses sledding (sorry! it’s coming!).  The only rule is it has to be something that gets you all moving and having fun together.  Cuz by now we all know that the only way to keep our kids active is to teach them how to make it fun. 


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