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Look at THIS!

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OK, technically, this isn’t fitness gear. But this book is such an excellent tool for families, I just had to write (and rave) about it!!  David Zinczenko’s Eat This, Not That for Kids! Is an awesome tool to help you decide not only between the lesser of two evils but also to pick the best of the best.  He gives us the scoop on all the traditional kid fare plus the low-down on what to order at their favorite restaurants. He’s got suggestions on what to serve at holidays and birthdays plus recipes for healthier versions of kid classics.  He even rates ice cream, pizza and holiday candy from best to worst!  Now that is advice for the real world, my friends.  Whether you’re looking to keep your healthier gameplan top secret, or just want some suggestions and ideas on where to start, Eat This, Not That for Kids! is a must-have!


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