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Let’s Talk Turkey….

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or veggie crumbles or soy!!!  One of my most favorite (and sneakiest!) tricks is to substitute turkey or veggie crumbles for the ground beef in ALL of our team’s favorite recipes.  Its super simple to do, AND the greatest part is that you can EEEEEEEEEEase your team into this drill!  To start, just go halfsies~ that is, replace half of your usual ground beef with LEAN (make sure it’s labeled lean- no more than 15% fat, or you might as well stick with beef) ground turkey.  When no one notices (and for goodness sake, don’t give away the game here!) switch over to substituting the whole caboodle!  After your squad has adjusted to the switch, you may even want to go for gold by working in ground turkey breast, beans or veggie crumbles!!  I’ve even found some absolutely deLISHous frozen turkey meatballs to plop in pasta sauce and turkey pepperoni for home made (and MUCH more fun and healthy!) pizza!  Experiment- you’ll be amazed at how great these healthier alternatives can taste!!  A word of caution: don’t be tempted to reveal your game plan after your first success~ instead wait until your team is completely accustomed to their new favorites before you spill the beans!!

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