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got hot wheels?

Posted by: Tracy  :  in topic: The Gear

…or do your kids?  You can see for sure with this week’s MVP!  Hot Wheels radar gun was designed for young would-be drivers to clock the speed of their matchbox cars.  That sounds like a blast for sure.  However, we discovered yet another fun and healthy use for it.  We actually used the radar gun to clock each other’s speed running across the backyard!  The kids could barely wait their turn to see what their fastest time was!  They were running for darn near an hour with NO IDEA they were exercising!  Beautiful!  This is what it’s all about for Family Fitness Coach- tricking the kids into moving more and having fun doing it!  This radar gun would be great for clocking speedy bikers, rollerbladers and skateborders too!  And as an added bonus, your matchbox fans will think you’re the world’s coolest for buying them this great toy! 



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