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Game Plans

Game PlansFFC has put together some great worksheets, training plans and journaling tools for you to use to help your team achieve their wellness goals! Click around and see what works best for you!

Get Moving Log  An exciting and fun way for kids to keep track of how much they’re moving! 

Weekly Goal Worksheet This worksheet is great for helping kids learn how to set goals, how AMAZING it feels to achieve them!!!

Veggie Roll Call  Kids grow and their tastes change.  Remind them how mature they’re becoming by keeping a tally of all the good stuff they’re trying!!

Fruit Roll Call  Just like the Veggie Roll Call, but for (you guessed it!) fruits!

Is your team all pumped up to tackle a 5K?  Check out Hal Higdon’s super do-able, family-friendly first 5K walking plan!  It’s a great way to get geared up for the big day and get fit together!!

WOW!  Just found a rockin’ Fruit & Veggie Eater Meter on !  Lots of other cool stuff, too!  Check it out!

Have a great idea for a fitness challenge? We’d love to hear about it! Click here to submit your idea, we may even feature it on FFC!