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Fruit Snack Frenzy!

Posted by: Tracy  :  in topic: The Grub

Hip, hip, hooray!  We’ve found more FAAAAAB-U-LOUS fruit snacks made of… guessed it, FRUIT! (what a concept!)  The folks at Fruitabu (cool name, too!) have come up with some s-s-stunningly delicous and totally portable fruit snacks you can feel good about tossing in lunches, snacks or sports bags.  They come in Smooshed Flats and Smooshed Rolls (a HUGE  improvement on the popular snack Fruit by the Foot)!  Recently, a very official Family  Fitness Coach tasting panel (AKA Ms. Esselman’s third grade class and Mrs. Gantner’s first grade class!) gave Fruitabu in all varieties rave reviews!  Good stuff that tastes great!  Winner, winner!!

p.s.  the flats make especially great Halloween treats, too!  BOO!

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