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Fruit Leather????

Posted by: Tracy  :  in topic: The Grub

Ok, this snack may not have the MOST appealing name, but you gotta trust us- it’s GREAT stuff!  Fruit leather comes in 10 amazing flavors, so you’re sure to find something for everyone on your team.  FFC can’t get enough of the Pineapple Cocnut Paradise or the Orchard Cherry~mmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!  Plus, fruit leather from Stretch Island Fruit Co. scores bonus points for being super-convenient and ridiculously easy to take anywhere- lunch boxes, school snacks, sports practice, in a purse, anywhere!  I mean it!  Oh, and by the way, check out these amazing snack stats:  only 45 calories and no fat or artifical ingredients!  Take that high-sugar imitation ‘fruit’ snacks!

For more info, or to order online go to .  Snack away!

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