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Fit & Fresh Frenzy!!!

Posted by: Tracy  :  in topic: The Gear

Heads up, gang!  We’ve found some definite must-have gear as we head into the new school year!  The folks at Fit & Fresh really have their game face on when it comes to making snacking and eating on the go a breeze!  Our favorite products are the snack clips (shown here) which are perfect for packing school snacks that have to be refrigerated!  They come in cool soccer, baseball, unicorn or princess designs and feature a chillable insert to keep your healthy snacks fresh til you’re ready to enjoy. Plus, they have a handy clip to quickly attach to backpacks!  Finally, packing a healthy snack is a breeze!  We also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the soup & salad combo bowl for packing cold lunch!!  Keep healthy soup or pasta warm on top and store some fresh veggies, fruit or salad in the bottom container with ice ring- there’s even a separate little container for the perfect amount of dip or dressing!  WOOHOO!  A cold lunch breakthrough!!  The Fit N Fresh team has figured out so many cool ways to keep foods fresh, you just have to check it out for yourself at !  Be sure to check out all of their recipe ideas, too!  YUUUUUUM!  This MVP is worthy of a gold medal in our book!  We found ours at Target, but with stuff this cool (no pun intended) we’re sure it’ll be EVERYwhere soon!  Go out and get some for your team!!!

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