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FFC loves eating naked!

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Oh, don’t worry~  this is STILL a family site!  I’m just all worked up over Stacy’s Simply Naked Baked Pita chips!  These babies are an awesome school snack or cold lunch side!  We’ve only tasted the most basic version ‘Simply Naked’ but they come in tons of other (and we’re sure equally DELISH!) flavors including Tuscan Herb, Hot & Spicy, Cinnamon Sugar and Parmesan Garlic & Herb- YUM!  This easy chip-type snack is a great healthy on the go choice!  It’s low in calories and fat (NO transfat, of course!), has a little fiber and protein and less than one gram of sugar PLUS it is super satisfying and the kids love it! Can you say WIN-WIN?! Serve it instead of tortilla or potato chips- your team will thank you & you will feel great knowing you’ve snuck in another awesome play!  Here are the stats on the ‘Simply Naked’ version per serving:

130 resonable calories; 5 g fat (NONE trans!); 2 lovely grams fiber; 3 adorable grams of protein and less than 1 gram of sugar- WOOHOO!  Go, Stacy, go!

For stats on the rest of Stacy’s Pita Chips, or to learn more about this awesome company, visit their nifty website .

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