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1st Place Families

1st Place FamiliesThese guys ROCK!
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Meet some of our most inspiring ‘teams’ who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, too. Whether they’ve just completed their first 5K, climbed mountains or just made a few sneaky dietary changes, these families are truly an inspiration to us all! They’re having a blast moving, eating right and being healthy! Maybe you can even pick up a trick or two from these pros. 

This week….

Meet Team Arnie- Superstar Sisters!!! 

Meet the Arneson sisters!  These active siblings love to spend their spring and fall playing softball for the township of LaFayette in Chippewa Falls, WI. Their dad, Shane, has coached both girls’ teams!  Most of the year, the girls played on different teams in different leagues.  Kelsey (11) and Gretchen (10) were both pitchers for their respective teams.  However, going into their first tournament this past fall, Kelsey needed a catcher.  Since this was a team made up of players not on their regular team, Gretchen reluctantly agreed to catch for her older sister.  It was one of those mommy moments where Mom was just SURE it was going to lead to a not-so-pretty sisterly fight.  Much to Mom’s surprise though – Gretchen quite possibly found her niche as catcher.  She was fantastic!!  Her years of watching the older girls play definitely sunk in, and she was right on for every play!  Friends and teammates have now nicknamed the sisters “Team Arnie!”  Kelsey even ended up pitching 17 innings with 31 strike outs…AMAZING.  Talk about a work out!  What the Arneson family loves most is that the team has really promoted total family involvement.  Parents, players and siblings are involved, practices are many and long, but the coaches know how to keep the girls active, interested and involved.  It truly is a life sport and they are gaining so much more than just the technical part of softball – they are learning to improve their personal skills as well as learning to be a team player and how important family and being active are in our daily lives.  Way to go Team Arnie!  Keep on keepin’ on!!!  YAY!

Share your own team’s adventures and game plans with us, too! Include a photo of your players enjoying a new healthy habit and share your latest game plan for becoming a first place family!