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Say Cheese!

We just had, had, had to write about Sargento’s great reduced fat cheeses!   Not just because we’re true cheeseheads from Wisconsin, but because we think Sargento’s cheese taste divine!  These great tasting, lower-fat cheeses come in a boatload of different shapes, cuts and flavors, but they all have one thing in common- they taste awesome!!!  Your team is sure to fall for this fake-out!  Sprinkle a little of the reduced fat mild cheddar shreds on eggs or pasta, or set out a dish of the reduced fat Mexican blend on taco night!  There’s even deli-style slices with around 60 calories- making them a safe bet for topping turkey burgers.  Fat free cheeses have gotten a bad rap in the past, but the Sargento team has whipped up the perfect recipe for a delicious AND reduced fat cheese we can all sink our teeth into.  And speaking of recipes, check out the website at for some really great ways to use your favorite new reduced fat cheeses!  Mmmmmm, cheesey!

Tantalizing Turkey Burgers!

Heads up!  In case no one told you, today is Labor day and we’ve got an 11th hour change to your grilling out gameplan!  The team over at Jennie-O makes a mean freezer to grill burger perfect for your Labor Day cookout!  Their Savory Seasoned Lean Turkey Burgers can be found in the frozen foods section, taken to your party and thrown right on the grill!  Easy, healthy, and unbelievable deeeeeLISHous!!  Serve these up on a healthy wheat burger roll (like our favorite from Village Hearth!) for a fabulous meal from the grill.  Beware of fake outs, though!  Jennie-O also sells a ‘Premium White turkey Burger’ which you might assume is even healthier, but actually has almost TWICE the fat!!  YOWZERS!  The stats on the ‘Savory Seasoned Turkey Burger’ are impressive at just 160 calories and 9g total fat per patty!  YUMMMMers!

Groovin’ on Granola Bars!

Well, the team over at Kashi foods has done it again!  Their chewy peanut butter granola bar is absolutely out of this world!  Plus, it’s loaded with good stuff you’ll feel great about feeding your family!  These handy little snacks are an absolute first-stringer for school lunches and packable snacks!  The impressive stats: 140 calories, 5g fat (NO trans fat!) and 4 healthy grams of fiber!  Also noteworthy is that these bars unlike many of the other so-called healthy granola bars are free of any high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.  Pay close attention to the labels when you’re stocking up on seemingly healthy snack bars as many contain loads of these flagrant fouls!  Stick with brands committed to using real ingredients (like Kashi!!) and you’re sure to find snacks you AND your family can love!!


Magnificient Muffins!

Slam Dunk!  That’s what the team over at Thomas’ has created with their 100 calorie English muffins.  These deeeee-licious little superstars come in two varieties- original and multi-grain.  Now you know the coach does not normally endorse white bread, but this little muffin has some pretty impressive stats weighing in at 100 calories, 1g fat and 5g of fiber (and we can’t forget 4g protein, too)!  If your recruits are a little hesitant to go whole grain, this is a nice starter plan and it tastes JUST like a regular English muffin!!  The whole grain version takes the gold however with an extra 3 g of fiber per muffin!  YUMMERS!!  Spread with some natural peanut butter and banana slices for a filling and nutritious treat, or load it up with all natural fruit spread and light cream cheese for a great breakfast sweet treat!  You can even use em in place of hamburger buns or sandwich bread- or how about a base for healthier mini pizzas?!?  The gameplans are endless- pick some up and chow down!

Papa Charlie’s Italian Style Beef!

Delicioso!  Not to mention nutritioso AND easy-oso!!  Your team is sure to gobble up this lean, delicately seasoned shaved beef.  Serve it with a 2% cheese slice on a whole grain bun (like our favorites from Village Hearth!) with a side of fruit or veggies for a super simple and healthy meal.  WAAAAAAAAy better than the drive-thru and absolutely perfect for those nights when every team member has to be someplace different and time is at a premium!  Wait!  Isn’t that EVERY night?!  This meal starter checks in with some pretty impressive stats: just 80 calories, 2 g fat and a whoppin’ 14 g of protein for each 2/3 c. serving!  Check out their website at for more recipe ideas and information on where you can find Papa Charlies products!  This is one papa who has good reason to be proud!

Muscle Man Cereal!

That’s what my team calls Kashi’s Mighty Bites cereal!  This yummy, fun-shaped, vitamin-packed, honey sweetened cereal really packs a punch!  This kid-friendly breakfast cereal from the smart folks at Kashi (we LOVE those guys!) tastes great and doubles as an awesome snack alone or mixed in as part of a healthy ‘trail mix’.  It’s packed with all sorts of good stuff like calcium, choline, fiber and bunches of vitamins and whole grains.  Even the box is cool and kid appealing with lots of fun graphics, activities and information on keeping healthy. Muscle Man cereal (aka Mighty Bites!) is the perfect easy and healthy way to start your kids’ day.  They also have an AWESOME website.  But don’t take my word for it- check it out yourself with this handy little link! (Hint: You can order alllllll sorts of delicious Kashi stuff there, too!)  Thanks, Kashi, for making things a little easier on us!

Wedgies Allowed!!

…But only if they’re Laughing Cow light cheese wedges!  These handy little cheese wedgies are an awesome snack not only because they weigh in at just 35 claories and 2g of fat (for CHEEESE, people!), but also because of the smart single serve packaging!  Eight perfectly portioned wedges come in each round package and are perfect for dipping whole wheat crackers, carrot chips or to spread on a mini bagel or sandwich.  The company even has a recipe that creates an amazingly healthy version of ‘alfredo’ type pasta sauce with these versatile little diddies!  The packaging makes them interesting, but the taste will make them a team favorite!  Coach’s personal favorite is the original swiss flavor, but the French onion gets an honorable mention, too!  To top it all off, they have a super fun website with fun games and healthy recipes!  Visit them at for tons of fun ideas.  Be sure to check this stuff out- you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!!


4Real 4Sure!

Woohoo! We are just tickled to tell you about an awesome new find in the grocery store!  4Real foods offers SIX different yummy varieties of convenient kids meals made from good stuff!  The mac+cheese was this team’s favorite, but the cheesy pizza quesadilla and spaghetti rings were a huge hit as well.  Also try the tangy turkey pepperoni or cheese pizza and the beef ravioli.  All the meals come in kid attractive packaging with an ‘honest to goodness’ pledge- no artificial nothin’ here! PLUS, they are all created by top chefs with an eye on keeping sodium, fat and calories in check!  Check out their super cool website, too at – be sure to click on the label lingo section for tons of scoop on weird sounding ingredients (hint: not ALL are bad for us!!).  Look for these pale orange boxes in the refrigerated section (not freezer!) near the prepackaged meats.

Finally, a quick prepackaged meal that will keep the team on track!  Way to go, 4Real!


Crisp A Licious Snack!!!

The folks at Brothers-All-Natural get the grand champion award for great tasting freeze dried fruit for their Fuji Apple Crisps!  These delicious little lovelies come in pre packaged chip like single serve bags and are DEEEEE-licious!  Crunchy, light and tastes just like a fresh sliced apple.  They come in lots of other cool flavors, too, like Strawberry, Pear, Peach, Pineapple, Banana and Strawberry Banana!  We’ve only tried the apple, but plan on checking out the rest of the line-up very soon!  Apple crisps are the perfect on the go snack to throw in your lunch box or beach bag.  No more mushy, overheated fruit for us!  You can even buy them online at with FREE SHIPPING in the continental US!  How easy is that?!  The stats: just 39 calories, NO fat and 2g Fiber in each ½ cup bag! The ingredients: apples!  That’s the real deal, my fit friends!

P.S. Brothers All Natural has just come out with FAT FREE potato crisps!!  YEE HA!  We’ll check these out and give you the skinny soon!!

Great Buns!

Village Hearth’s Light Wheat Buns are a definite first round draft pick for any team’s kitchen line up!  We’re not sure how Village Hearth keeps these buns so soft and delicious with the impressive fiber content, but we’re just glad they figured it out!  These regular sized hamburger and hot dog buns (not mini’s!!!) are the absolute ideal setting for any healthy sandwich or burger.  We love ‘em topped with a yummy turkey burger or lean cold cuts but they are so versatile you can top ‘em any way you like.  For wheat bread rookies, there’s also a Light Italian Bun made from white bread with nearly as impressive stats!  You’ll definitely want to pick these up for your next tailgate party and keep some on hand for a quick weekday cookout, too!


The stats (per Light Wheat Bun)

        Calories: 80

        Fat: .5g

        Fiber: 3g