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Swing, kid, swing!

Swingball is actually just an exciting new version of tether ball!  Our testers had a blast with this exciting play anywhere game!  The set comes with a fillable base so that you can set it up just about anywhere without having to permanently set the post into the ground.  If you have enough room, you can even play it in the basement or garage on rainy days.  After the base is filled and the pole is assembled, each player gets a racket and stands about 4 feet from the base.  Each player then tries to hit the tennis ball around either clockwise or counterclockwise until the tether reaches the top or bottom.  Develops balance, reflex and agility…and is loads of fun!  You’ll get a few good laughs going, too, as you try to figure out the right distance to stand from the base!  Completely portable and affordable, too!  You’ll have a blast getting in the game with Swingball!

We Luuuuuuuv Wii Fit!

We must admit a certain amount of skeptism about a video game that promotes fitness, but when we tested out the new Wii Fit game system, we were soooo impressed!  It’s a ton of fun to play and really keeps kids (and parents!) motivated to come back for more!  The first thing the Wii board does is take an inventory of your current fitness level based on height, weight and a few quick balance tests.  Then you get to select a trainer to guide you through your workouts and select from yoga, strength training, aerobic and balance games. The games are all really fun and as you log more ‘game’ time, you unlock new games and exercises!  All of the games are quick, fun and easy to learn but still challenging enough to keep you interested.  Games get more difficult as you develop skill.  As with all Wii games, you get to create a Mii to look just like you, too!  Kids get a kick out of trying all the different exercises and unlocking new activities.  It’s not a substitute for real outside play, but it’s definitely a great supplement to any activity plan.  The other really great benefit it that it teaches kids to keep track of their progress and encourages them to participate every day.  Wii is a real champ in our book!

SUPER game!!!

Wild Planet’s Hyperdash is a superfun, supercool, super easy way to get your team moving!  This simple yet thrilling game can be played indoors and out with anywhere from 1-8 players- individually or in teams!  Rock on!  We love all 5 variations of the game but the basic drill is this:  you have 6 colored disks that you can set up wherever you like (hint: the farther apart they are, the more intense the fun- I mean, workout!), then a player holds the controller which directs them which target to go to next.  The controller must be placed on top of the disk to register which target is being hit.  It also times players- the fastest time wins!  Woo Hoo! Simple. Fun. FAST!!  You can even play against yourself and try to beat your own personal record.  There are games that involve colors, numbers, addition and sequencing, too!  Awesome fun for athletes and non-athletes alike!  Click the link below to check out Hyperdash now!