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Look at THIS!

OK, technically, this isn’t fitness gear. But this book is such an excellent tool for families, I just had to write (and rave) about it!!  David Zinczenko’s Eat This, Not That for Kids! Is an awesome tool to help you decide not only between the lesser of two evils but also to pick the best of the best.  He gives us the scoop on all the traditional kid fare plus the low-down on what to order at their favorite restaurants. He’s got suggestions on what to serve at holidays and birthdays plus recipes for healthier versions of kid classics.  He even rates ice cream, pizza and holiday candy from best to worst!  Now that is advice for the real world, my friends.  Whether you’re looking to keep your healthier gameplan top secret, or just want some suggestions and ideas on where to start, Eat This, Not That for Kids! is a must-have!


Just in the (St.) NICK of time….

We are so very excited to announce Family Fitness Coach’s 1st EVER annual list of ACTIVE Gifts to Keep Kids Fit!  Make sure you page through to see the full list- and use the handy links to check out your favs!  Buy them here to save yourself the time and stress of battling crowds at the stores…and use that extra time to enjoy some active time with your team!

FFC’s Sweet 16 Gifts to Keep Kids Active!

Hyper Jump from Wild Planet is Out of This World!

The Wild Planet team has done it again!!  FFC has been a HUUUUUUUUUGE fan of Hyper Dash for some time now and we were just thrilled to see these guys come up with another hyper-FUN way to keep the troops movin’!  Their latest game gets kids moving by jumping, bending, tapping and getting a total body workout all under the guise of having a hilariously good time playing this game.  Even adults will get a bit of a cardio blast playing all the fun versions Wild Planet has devised.  You can play alone, individually against other players or in teams. You gotta check this out…..AND stock up on this cool game to give for Christmas and Birthday gifts!  Here’s a couple of cool, handy links for you to get your HYPER on…. Now Go Get in the GAME!!!!


Football Fanatics?

School is starting, leaves are changing and football season is fast approaching!  Unfortunately, many young fans are imitating some of their more seasoned teammates and carrying on the armchair quarterback tradition!  Why not take advantage of some of this extreme passion and turn it into an opportunity for some FUN activity?  Check out some inexpensive flag football or football practice equipment and challenge your rookies to some fun drills, or an informal family game during halftime of their favorite team?  It’s way better than mowing down more nachos and…who knows?  You may even start a new fun (ACTIVE!) family tradition!  There’s a ton of cool, fun stuff out there, but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Everybody Do the Twist!


Twister Hopscotch that is!  This innovative new twist on the traditional game of hopscotch offers kids tons of options for active fun!  Players can set up the hopscotch rings anyway they want- zigzag, diamond, or any other shape they can dream up!  Then, they spin the traditional Twister spinner to show them what action to do.  This cool game can virtually be different each time it is played.  The actions on the spinner add a fun twist too with dancing, hopping and other silly movements- the kids love it!  If you’re looking for a great active game that can be used indoors or out, I highly recommend Twister Hopscotch!


Fit & Fresh Frenzy!!!

Heads up, gang!  We’ve found some definite must-have gear as we head into the new school year!  The folks at Fit & Fresh really have their game face on when it comes to making snacking and eating on the go a breeze!  Our favorite products are the snack clips (shown here) which are perfect for packing school snacks that have to be refrigerated!  They come in cool soccer, baseball, unicorn or princess designs and feature a chillable insert to keep your healthy snacks fresh til you’re ready to enjoy. Plus, they have a handy clip to quickly attach to backpacks!  Finally, packing a healthy snack is a breeze!  We also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the soup & salad combo bowl for packing cold lunch!!  Keep healthy soup or pasta warm on top and store some fresh veggies, fruit or salad in the bottom container with ice ring- there’s even a separate little container for the perfect amount of dip or dressing!  WOOHOO!  A cold lunch breakthrough!!  The Fit N Fresh team has figured out so many cool ways to keep foods fresh, you just have to check it out for yourself at !  Be sure to check out all of their recipe ideas, too!  YUUUUUUM!  This MVP is worthy of a gold medal in our book!  We found ours at Target, but with stuff this cool (no pun intended) we’re sure it’ll be EVERYwhere soon!  Go out and get some for your team!!!

got hot wheels?

…or do your kids?  You can see for sure with this week’s MVP!  Hot Wheels radar gun was designed for young would-be drivers to clock the speed of their matchbox cars.  That sounds like a blast for sure.  However, we discovered yet another fun and healthy use for it.  We actually used the radar gun to clock each other’s speed running across the backyard!  The kids could barely wait their turn to see what their fastest time was!  They were running for darn near an hour with NO IDEA they were exercising!  Beautiful!  This is what it’s all about for Family Fitness Coach- tricking the kids into moving more and having fun doing it!  This radar gun would be great for clocking speedy bikers, rollerbladers and skateborders too!  And as an added bonus, your matchbox fans will think you’re the world’s coolest for buying them this great toy! 



Jammin’ Jump Ropes!

Jumping rope is not only fun, it’s a great workout, too!  Plus, we’ve found a few supercool jump ropes to make the same old, same old a little more thrilling!!

The Jump It Up Digital Counter Jump Rope keeps track of how many times you jump and makes it fun to try to beat your record or go for a certain amount of jumps.

The Electronic Jump Rope Jam actually plays tunes while you jump to rev you up and keep you in the game!

Or grab your regular ropes and try some tricks or see who can jump the longest.  Try touching the ground, going criss cross with the rope, double dutch or twirling the rope backwards.  Any way you swing it, you’ll all have a blast while keeping fit!

Cosmic Catch is Out of this World!!!

A magical talking ball that ‘knows your throws’ is the centerpiece of this fast-moving, simple and fun game!  Players each wear a band around their hand and attempt to throw the ball as directed by, well, THE BALL!  Several variations of the game keeps things entertaining and exciting, too!  Play with as few as two and up to eight for a real rip roarin’ good time.  This fast paced game is sure to entice even the couchiest potato from their roost.  Great to play indoors or out thanks to the soft, nerf texture of the ball!  Heads up for Cosmic Catch!  Catch yours today and get in the game!