My Food Diary

About Family Fitness Coach

I am not a doctor or nutritionist.

Coach TracyI am just a mom who used to be an overweight kid. I started Family Fitness Coach because busy families need fast, easy ways to make fitness fun. In my own quest to squeeze as much as possible into every day, I have found zillions of ways to make living healthy fun and simple! I am the queen of the quick (healthy) fix!

Back in grade school, I was affectionately (yeah, right!) referred to by some of my male classmates as ‘guinea pig’ because, as they put it, I was ‘fat but not as fat as a big pig.’ Back then, I’d come home and devour half of a package of double stuffed Oreos in front of the Woody Woodpecker show and still be asking, “When’s dinner?!” Then, around twenty years ago, I started keeping track of what I was eating and making some very simple changes. I lost about 40 pounds at the age of fifteen and it felt amazing!

Even more exciting is that I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for the past 20 years! I love to ‘trick’ other people in my life into living this way, too. For example, when I met my husband he was eating frozen pizza 5 out of 7 nights and absolutely haaaaated seafood and just about every vegetable known to man. The guy now volunteers to eat fish (and not just the deep fried kind) and salad!  I actually have my kids nagging me about when do I think they’ll be old enough to really enjoy spinach???? And can they PLEEEESE use my new balance disk while they’re watching American Idol????

Work Out!The trick is this: I have fun being active and I only eat delicious foods that I enjoy. I don’t stuff down cardboard-like substitutes, or complain about having to get up and work out. I eat plenty of treats, too!  There are so many wonderful products out there that make being active and eating healthy easier than ever before! Delicious (I mean it!) and healthy convenience foods are in practically every grocery store, and there are tons of games and activities we can introduce our children to that will get them moving without feeling like they’re being punished. Heck, even the video game makers are starting to understand how important it is to keep kids moving.

Softball TracyI’m a busy mom, too, and it doesn’t always work out exactly as I hope. My kids like to eat junk food and sometimes, as much as I encourage, they’d rather watch TV than go outside and run around. There are days when I actually convince my kids to eat some of those not-so-great (think corn dogs!) hot lunches because it’s just easier and quicker than packing cold lunch. In real life, every day is not perfect- not by a long shot. I just try to make small changes that will last them a lifetime. By being aware and setting a fun example of a healthy lifestyle, we’re improving….and that is what Family Fitness Coach is all about – improving your family’s life by sharing some ideas on how to have fun being fit together.

Not all of these ideas will work for all families, but there’s some pretty cool stuff here. All the ideas are super simple. Click around, find a few things that might work for your team and get in the game! I hope you and your family are inspired to improve!

Remember, I’m not a doctor or health professional, so please check with your own doctor before starting any exercise program. My advice is meant to be fun and useful, but it is not a substitute for medical advice.

OK, NOW, go get in the game!