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 Making Fitness Fun for (REAL) Familes!

By now, we’ve all the heard the alarming statistics about the frightening effects poor eating habits and inactivity are having on our nation’s children, about how childhood overweight and obesity continue to increase at alarming rates and about how for the first time ever our children’s life spans are expected to be shorter than their parents’. But the truth is, kids aren’t going to eat healthier or move more until we make it FUN!

This is what Family Fitness Coach is all about: a quick, easy reference for people who care about children and keeping them healthy!

We’ve scoured the planet for the best (and sometimes sneakiest!) tips, tricks, recipes, ideas, challenges, activities, toys and any other thing that might be just the ticket to help you get your favorite players moving and eating right. So, get in the game! We’ve put in the overtime - now all you have to do is execute the game plan.

NEW! Ask the Coach
Here’s your chance to ask the coach for advice on the topics you find toughest to tackle!! Send your questions to Family Fitness Coach: Ask the Coach! We’ll feature a new question along with Coach’s advice each week.


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